Volunteer Opportunities

We need volunteers for the 2012 SoNo Park Holiday Fest! Join a great crew of parents, friends, neighbors and local business people to help make our event an even bigger success!

If you'd like to volunteer, or if you have questions about volunteering, please contact Stacy Birney at stacybir@gmail.com.

Areas where we need help on the day of the event include:

General set-up: Assist in the set-up of the event area, including: hanging signs, directing and assisting vendors, placing trash/recycle containers, setting up chairs and tables, and more.

Restaurant chili helpers: Help the restaurants get set for the big event, including: hanging signs, assisting with electricity outlets and light sternos, showing restaurant staff to their booths, helping carry chili from car to booth, supplying each booth with necessities (tablecloths, chairs, ladles, napkins, spoons, etc.), making sure restaurants have filled out their Chili Description Forms, assisting Judges area and coordination, managing tickets for tasting, and cleaning up. 

Carnival Games Booth Transport, Set-Up and Takedown:  McKinley has plywood carnival booths in storage at the school. We need someone with a pickup truck to transport the booths from school to the festival site the morning of SoNo and coordinate the "construction" team (drilling bolts) that will set up in the morning and take down at the end of the day.  Set up hours are between 7 AM and 11 AM; take down between 5 PM and 6 PM.

Kid’s area supervisors: Oversee inflatables and other activities in the kids area to ensure safe & orderly participation (2 hour shifts).

General break-down / clean up: Assist in the clean-up of the event area, including taking down and loading booths, collecting trash and recycling, sweeping up, etc.

(Note that most of these shifts are 2-3 hours.)